Year 8 SOSE: Individual work plan for 'Law' – Lord of the Flies

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Why do we need laws?

Core learning outcome:

CI 4.2

Lord of the Flies: After watching the movie, write a paragraph explaining what happened on the island.

Write another paragraph explaining 'why we need laws'.

Design a socially just code of behaviour for a local day care centre or a school skate boarding club.

Play the game 'You be the judge' from Stories of Democracy CD-ROM. Use the following directions to locate the game:

  • Load the CD-ROM.
  • Select CD-ROM map.
  • Select 'The Law Rules: Upper Primary level'.
  • Click on map icon.
  • Click on target 8.
  • Double click on picture frame.
  • Click on game button.
  • Enjoy!

Core learning outcomes

In this phase of the module you can achieve the following core learning outcome/s:

  • Culture and Identity 4.2: Students design an ethical and socially just code of behaviour based on personal responses to stereotyping, discrimination and harassment.

Key indicators of your success will be identified throughout the unit and recorded on a profile sheet.


Check out this website for information on Lord of the Flies!

(link no longer available – Editor)