Year 8 SOSE: Discovering Democracy unit

'Why do we need laws?'


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1. Examine the 'laws' made during the class exercise and construct a summary in the following table:

Law numberLaw

Read through the following situations and decide whether the laws you have made will resolve the situation or not.

  1. One islander kills another while arguing.
  2. Several children are without their parents. Whom should they obey?
  3. It becomes accepted quite early that no work is to be done on every fifth day, which is set aside as a day of worship. After a year, a few people start ignoring the custom.
  4. One person attacks another who has taken some of his food.
  5. A group starts having parties at night, keeping others awake.
  6. Some people decide to have two wives or husbands rather than one.
  7. Some people discover a large supply of chocolate on the plane and keep it for themselves.

Using your previous work, suggest the four most important reasons for having laws in our society. Explain your reasons. Present your answers in one of the following forms:

  • Poster
  • Cartoon
  • Speech
  • Poem
  • Story