Worksheet 9: The Myall Creek Massacre Assignment Organiser

As investigative journalists, you will travel through time describing the Aboriginal people and their lifestyle, culture and encounter with non-Aboriginal Australia at the time of the Myall Creek Massacre.

For this unit you will produce a group presentation on an aspect of the Myall Creek massacre.

Your group must not be larger than four people or smaller than two people.

Group members' names:


Choose one the following focuses for your presentation by ticking the box. 
1The Myall Creek massacre
2The relationship between the Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals at the time of the massacre.
3The trial
4Reconciliation today between the ancestors of the Kwiambal people and the men who committed the massacre
5Negotiate our own group's perspective

Suggested presentations

quiz show
news report

Writing your presentation
Each group will be required to write their presentation. A heading and their name will identify each member's contribution, for example: 'Background information' by John Smith.

Assessment itemMy assessment /50Teacher's assessment /50
Using Assignment Organiser /5  
Group work /5  
Note taking (concept map) /5  
Question and answer grids /5  
Three-level guide /5  
Video / Semantic / Web /5  
Written presentation /5  
Oral presentation /5  
Bonus marks for presentation /10  
Total /50