Values we admire in others Activity 3

  1. Either individually or in pairs, ask students to write a biography for a famous Australian who is important to them. The biographies need to include the actions or events that made that person famous.

    Students may like to begin their research using the biographies located on the Civics and Citizenship website.

  2. Photocopy the students’ biographies and ask them to annotate them using the same approach that they used in Activity 2. The annotations need to focus on:

    • the values their famous person demonstrate(d)/enact(ed)
    • possible motivations behind those actions.

    Ask students to justify:

    • why their famous person is admired
    • why they emphasised some things about their person’s life and not others.
  3. Ask students form groups of three to compare the possible motivations for their famous people’s actions. What do the possible motivating factors have in common? How are they different?

    Combine all of the small group responses on the board. Ask the students how biographies help us to understand a person’s values.


Ask students to complete a journal entry that reflects upon the importance of studying biographies as a way of understand the actions and words that we value as a society:

  • How do they help you identify what is important?
  • Why are these things worth valuing?

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