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Topic 1: Federal representation

Student handout 3: The Australian Electoral Commission and redistributions

Focus questions

What is the role of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in drawing up electoral boundaries?
What is a redistribution and what factors does the AEC consider when re-drawing boundaries?

Student activity

Use the 'wwwlinks' section of Parliament @ Work to find this information. Under 'Electoral Commissions and Offices', go to the Australian Electoral Commission site. Under the 'What' menu, choose 'Frequently Asked Questions', then 'Redistribution'.

Complete the following table.

1. What is a redistribution?

2. a) What is the goal of a redistribution?

b) Why do you think it is important to have equal electorates in a democracy?


3. a) What criteria does the AEC use in setting up electoral boundaries?

b) How have these criteria been followed in relation to your own electorate?


4. Suggest reasons why and ways in which electorates change over time that would make regular redistributions necessary.

5. Suggest reasons why it might be important to have the AEC independent of government.


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