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Topic 1: Federal representation

Student handout 2: Your Federal electorate

Focus questions

Which is your Federal electorate?
Where are the boundaries?
What are the characteristics of your Federal electorate?
Who is your local representative?

In this activity you will look at features of your Federal electorate and your local Member of the House of Representatives (MHR). You will also look at the role of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), which is an independent statutory body responsible for the drawing of electoral boundaries, voter enrolment, party registration and the conduct of elections in Australia.

Student activity

In the Parliament @ Work 'Search' menu, choose 'Electorates'. Choose 'Commonwealth parliament' and type in your postcode. This will give you your Federal electorate and local Member of the House of Representatives.

Using this information, complete the following table.

1. What is the name of your Federal electorate?

2. a) What do you notice about the boundaries of your electorate?

b) What considerations appear to have been made by the AEC in drawing up electoral boundaries?


3. Draw a rough map of your electorate. Using a street directory or other map, label the boundaries, major suburbs and towns and/or main geographical features in your electorate.

4. a) What products and industries are there in your electorate?

b) What issues do you think would be important to the voters in your electorate?


5. How many electors are enrolled in your electorate?

6. What is the name of your local MHR?

7. a) To which political party does your MHR belong? (Note if your MHR is an Independent.)

b) Is your MHR a member of the Government, the Opposition or neither?


8. What former occupation/s does your MHR have?


Group and class discussion

  • 1. How could you contact your local MHR?
  • 2. What issues would you contact them about?
  • 3. Are the issues something they can represent you on?
  • 4. Do they represent you if you don't have a vote?
  • 5. How many electorates are there in your class group?
  • 6. List the names of representatives and political parties who represent your classmates' families.
  • 7. What electorate is your school in? Can the Federal Parliament and the Commonwealth Government help your school?

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