Schools Celebrate Democracy

Arthur’s Creek Primary School, Vic: Establishing an Effective Junior School Council

During Celebrating Democracy Week, Arthur’s Creek Primary School developed a new set of processes for electing a Junior School Council.

Boorowa Central School, NSW: Anzac Club

Boorowa Central School’s Anzac Club used the opportunity provided by Celebrating Democracy Week to add to their collection of interviews of ex-servicemen and women.

Florey Primary School, ACT : Information Literacy in SOSE

For Celebrating Democracy Week, Florey Primary School looked at CCE in a historical context and used an information literacy research focus to research the role of the citizen in ancient societies.

Kildare College, SA: Discovering Democracy Quiz

Kildare College chose a special activity for Celebrating Democracy Week - a whole school quiz which went for a week.

Rosetta Primary School, Tas: United Nations Assembly

For Celebrating Democracy Week, Rosetta Primary School held a model United Nations Assembly. This was the culmination of five weeks’ work investigating the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the effectiveness of the work of the United Nations. The project was undertaken by fifty-two Year 5 students.

Sutton Public School, NSW: The ‘Fair Dinkum’ Values Project

For Celebrating Democracy Week, Sutton Public School made an i-movie of the many facets of the ‘Fair Dinkum’ Values Project. This project grew out of the school’s ongoing involvement in the Discovering Democracy programme.