The Earliest Laws Worksheet

Use the following clues to fill in the puzzle (click the top image).

  1. A common punishment.
  2. Trial by _________________
  3. A legal disagreement.
  4. Who wrote the first known laws?
  5. Early laws were passed on by word of ________________
  6. First official Roman laws.
  7. Enforced by law in Babylon.
  8. _______________ of Hammurabi.
  9. Presumed innocent until proven ____________________
  10. Medieval England had a _______________________ system.
  11. ________________ present the case to the jury.
  12. What is the central aim of the law?

In the past many different punishments were used to enforce the law.

  1. Draw two pictures that illustrate the types of punishment used.

  2. Then draw two pictures of the different punishments used today.

  3. Write a paragraph that explains the difference between the punishments and why you think these differences have developed.

Earliest Laws: Crossword Answer Sheet

Click the lower image.