Learning outcomes

National Statements of Learning Civics and Citizenship

The nationally developed Statements of Learning for Civics and Citizenship include three ‘Aspects’ that are defined at four levels of schooling (ie year 3, 5, 7 and 9). The year 5 and year 7 Statements of Learning relate to the Discovering Democracy unit, ‘People Power’.

Year 5
Citizenship in a Democracy

  • Students understand and practise personal rights and responsibilities within their school and community (eg recognise that citizens can individually and collectively influence decision making).

Year 7
Citizenship in a Democracy

  • Students explore the civic values and rights and responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society (eg how non-government organisations can influence government decisions). 

  • Students examine the ways in which Australians are connected to other people around the world and explore the responsibilities of global citizenship (eg participate in a campaign to raise awareness about a significant issue).

Historical Perspectives

  • Students explore the impact of people events and movements of the past on Australian identities and democracy (eg individuals who have campaigned for expanded human rights and democracy). 

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