Nuclear Energy and Active Citizenship: Learning Outcomes Primary

Statements of Learning for Civics and Citizenship – Year 5

Government and Law

Students understand that Australia is a democracy based on a constitution, shared values and specific civic features.

They have the opportunity to:

  • explore concepts of power, leadership and community service
  • explore the role of government in making decisions, collecting revenue and providing community services
  • understand that the role of parliament is to represent people, make laws and publicly debate issues

Citizenship in a Democracy

Students understand and practise personal rights and responsibilities within their school and community.

They have the opportunity to:

  • recognise that citizens can individually and collectively influence decision making

Students understand that Australian citizens are influenced by and can influence regional and global events including issues of environmental sustainability.

They have the opportunity to:

  • explore ways in which groups of people work together to protect the environment and examine how consumers can take responsibility for environmental sustainability
  • participate in civic or environmental action to effect positive change.