Non-government organisations - Oxfam

Oxfam is a non-government organisation (NGO) which aims to help reduce poverty and hunger in the world. In order to do this it needs to raise people’s awareness of these important issues so that they will donate money that can be used to fight poverty. 

Task 1

Read A word from Oxfam, an appeal for support in the fight against global poverty and hunger, and answer the questions below. 

Comprehension questions  

  1. What are the issues that Oxfam raises in the article?  
  2. Who do you think the article is aimed at? What specific words or phrases in the article indicate this? Explain your reasons.
  3. What particular writing technique does the author use in the second paragraph to get the point across? Is this an effective way to do it? Why?

Task 2

Writing task

Choose an issue you feel strongly about. It can be a local issue, something that is happening in a part of Australia or in another part of the world.  

Write three paragraphs to show people who know nothing about this issue why it is important and why they should think about it.  

You might need to discuss the issue with you class and visit the library to research it  further before you start this task.  

Hint: before you start consider the following. 

  1. Who is my target reader?
  2. What am I trying to convince them of?
  3. What writing techniques can I use to make my argument more powerful?


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