Make the rules: Keep it fair

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Resource title: Make the rules: Keep it fair

Digital resource identifier: L1033

Resource description
In this learning object, students design a soccer computer game and its rules.

Stage of schooling: Lower Primary

CCE focus: Government and Law


Students design a game of soccer and explore different rules, considering how they affect the game. While designing the game and its rules, students participate collaboratively and construct rules that are fair for all. They are able to discuss the reasons for rules and why some rules are fair and others unfair.

Opportunities for Civics and Citizenship learning

‘Make the rules: Keep it fair’ provides opportunities for students to:

  • consider the reasons why rules are made

  • discuss what impact rules have

  • discuss who makes the rules, and why

  • explore what role we can have in developing rules

  • explore what it means to be ‘fair’ in different contexts.

Ideas for the classroom

  • Ask students if they have played or watched soccer and to give a description.

  • Ask students if there are rules and why they have them.

  • Divide students into groups of four and explain that they will be designing a computer-based soccer game and its rules.

  • Ask the class to suggest group rules for deciding the design of the game. Record these on the board.

  • Ask the students to work within their groups to design their game.

  • Once completed, ask a representative from each group to report back to the rest of the class about the decisions they made, why they made them and how they made them.