Lending a Hand: The Solomon Islands

In July 2003, at the request of the Government of the Solomon Islands, the Australian Government authorised the deployment of the Australian military and the Australian Federal Police to assist in the restoration of law and order in that country, after bitter political rivalries had led to extreme social unrest.

Quick reference

Solomon Islands: Fact Sheet

Operation Helpem Fren: Overview

Research and Analysis  

Using the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website, research and respond to the questions below.


  1. What were the aims of the Regional Assistance Mission?  
  2. What countries have participated in the police operation?  
  3. How has RAMSI benefited the people of the Solomon Islands? 


Construct a flow chart of what needs to be done to restore law and order to a country when it has broken down, and present it in a poster or PowerPoint presentation to the class.


Write a feature article for a major newspaper outlining:  

  1. Australia’s involvement in the operation in the Solomon Islands.
  2. the reasons for this involvement  
  3. the factors influencing Australia’s decision to join Operation Helpem Fren.
  4. the arguments about whether this operation is an example of good global citizenship  

Length: 300 words


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