Introducing the themes of Discovering Democracy

This activity encourages teachers to look at the themes of the Discovering Democracy resources and link them to teaching and learning activities, existing opportunities at school, and school and community activities in their own schools. (Time: 30 minutes)

Activity 2

Download the four workshop sheets. Blow them up to A3 size.

Have participants work in four groups.

Each group fills in the bottom box on the sheet for five minutes.

Each group then folds up the page (so the next group does not see their responses) and hands it on to the next group.

The fourth group unfolds the responses from the three preceding groups and classifies the responses from the others according to whether the activities are:

  • classroom teaching and learning
  • whole-school activities
  • school–community activities.

Collect feedback from groups on a whiteboard. Discuss how schools might link current school activities to the themes, gaps in CCE provision that exist in the school and ways these might be addressed.

Provide a photocopy handout of the themes from one of the Discovering Democracy books of units.

Workshop sheets