Activity 1b: Events of the 1965 Freedom Ride

The following tasks support students in exploring the key figures and milestones of the 1965 Freedom Ride and the communities involved.

Resources Required 

Task 1

Students review the e Resources and answer the following questions about the 1965 Freedom Ride.

  • Who were the Freedom Riders?
  • What issues were the Freedom Riders seeking to draw attention to?
  • What did the Freedom Riders set out to achieve?
  • Why did the campaigners choose the bus as their mode of transport to travel though these communities?
  • What strategies did the Freedom Riders use to draw attention to the issues that were concerning them?

Task 2

Students investigate one or more of the following people, places or aspects of the 1965 Freedom Ride:

  • Charles Perkins
  • Walgett
  • Moree
  • the United States Freedom Rides
  • the Sydney clash

Students collect information using electronic diary entries, and organise and present their findings using discussion groups and PowerPoint presentations.

IT Option

Students collect, organise and present the material using the Museum Box tools. 

Task 3

Students create an aerial tour of the journey taken by the Freedom Riders using the maps at Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, or from Google Earth or Google Maps.

Google Earth allows students to create a guided experience where they can fly from one location to another, view the terrain and search embedded content. Audio and images can be added to tours and shared with other Google Earth users.

Google Maps can be used to locate the places visited on the Freedom Ride and the street-view function shows what the places look like now.

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