Exploring human rights

Human rights are also referred to as basic rights. In 1948, the United Nations outlined these basic rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which has been signed by all the United Nations member countries. 

Task 1 

In small groups, develop a list of what you believe should be ten basic rights for all people.  

A good way to phrase each statement in your list would be:  

Everyone has the right to …  


No one shall be subjected to …    

Each group should nominate the following people.

Timekeeper/chairperson – to keep everyone on track and remind them how long they have to go complete the list of ten rights  

Recorder – to write down the responses  

Announcer – to read the list to the rest of the class

Advocate – to answer questions from the rest of the class once the Announcer has read them out.

Task 2

Compare your list of basic rights to those identified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (simplified version). Have you left any out? Use a venn diagram to demonstrate your comparison.

Quick reference

United Nations and Declaration of Human Rights fact sheet


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