Overview of Teaching and Learning Activities

Focus Question 4: How Do We Preserve and Improve Human Rights?  


Teaching and Learning Activities

Resources for Students

  • Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand
  • International Labour Organization
  • The World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund
  • World Trade Organization

4a: Globalisation, Internationalism and Human Rights

  • Investigation of how globalisation has affected people in developing economies and what is being done to address the associated human rights issues

Digital Learning Objects



  • Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

4b: The Environment and Human Rights

  • Researching the effect climate change is having on human rights and developing an awareness raising campaign


  • Stay Smart Online (Australian Government Initiative)
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority
  • Reuters
  • The Guardian

4c: Online Environments and the Right to Privacy

  • Exploring issues associated with the right to privacy in an online world and developing student-generated online safety materials for distribution

Assessment Task

  • Research and present information and opinions about a current news story about one of the categories of human rights: civil, political or social

Online Articles


Google (Assessment Task)


For the teacher | Human Rights Introduction | 1: What Are Human Rights? | 2: Where Do Human Rights Come From? | 3: How Do We Characterise Human Rights in Australia? | 4: How Do We Preserve and Improve Human Rights? 

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