Year 8 SOSE: Individual work plan for 'Law' - Battle Mountain


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How did Australia's Indigenous people rule themselves?

How did this change when Europeans invaded Australia?

Core learning outcomes:

CI 4.1, 5.1


How did this change when Europeans invaded Australia?

  • 'Battle Mountain' case study. This task encourages you to examine contact between Indigenous Kalkadoon people and the Europeans. Assume you are the 'white' Editor of the Cloncurry newspaper of 1884. Watch the account of 'Battle Mountain' and take notes. Draw up the front page of your newspaper on the page supplied: you will need a heading, story and drawing. (Check with your teacher on the structure of a news story.) Key concept: 1884 'white' view of the land and the environment.
  • Worksheets: Complete the range of worksheets designed to further your knowledge of traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history.
  • Jacaranda SOSE 3: pages 8, 9, 'Language Groups and Clans'. Read and answer Investigation 3.
  • Jacaranda SOSE 3: pages 16, 17, 'Aborigines and the Land'. Read and answer Investigation 1, 2, 3 and Communication 1, 2, 4.
  • Explain in your own words why the Kalkadoon people defended their land so strongly and bravely.
  • Jacaranda SOSE 3: pages 58, 59, 'Frontier Violence and Aboriginal Resistance'. Read and answer Investigation 1, 2. Participation 1: Take an active part in a class/group discussion on the topic.








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Core learning outcomes

In this phase of the module you can achieve the following core learning outcome/s:

  • Culture and Identity 4.1: Students compare effects and responses related to cross-cultural contact on Australian and non-Australian Indigenous groups.
  • Culture and Identity 5.1: Students investigate aspects of different cultural groups, including Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander groups, and how these aspects are perceived by others.

Key indicators of your success will be identified throughout the unit and recorded on a profile sheet.


  • 'Battle Mountain', available on CD-ROM and the school Intranet (year 8 SOSE folder)
  • Jacaranda SOSE 3 text
  • Worksheets: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and History


Volume 2, Number 13, October 20th, 1884 Telegraph address: Cloncurry 223