Year 8 SOSE: Teacher plan for 'Laws and Rights'

Why do we need laws?1





CI 4.2

  • Lord of the Flies extract from story or film
  • Discovering Democracy 'Law' (DDL) pages 40–2, DD Activities 1 and 2
    (See 'Year 8 SOSE: Individual work plan for 'Law' – Lord of the Flies')
  • worksheets from Jacaranda SOSE 2 and other print sources
  • students design their own set of rules, rights and responsibilities as a class and the consequences (ie justice)
How do different societies rule themselves?2TCC 6.5

How did different societies rule themselves?

  • Ancient Babylonian law, DDL pages 43–4
  • Roman law, DDL page 45
  • Traditional law, DDL pages 50–2

How did Australia's Indigenous people rule themselves?

How did this change when Europeans arrived?


CI 5.1




CI 4.1

Detailed examination of Indigenous Australia's traditional law:

  • Elders
  • clashes of black and white
  • rights in the country upon European arrival – whose law was lived by?
  • Battle Mountain: history of the war between the local Kalkadoon people and invading pastoralists
Case study of an isolated community in north west Queensland today5–8SRP 5.3

CI 4.1

How does the law work?

  • levels of government within that community
  • local police
  • Magistrates Court – court procedures – how does a court work?
  • the place of customary law, DDL pages 50–2
  • visit a court
  • participate in a mock trial
How do we make laws?9–11

SRP 4.1 4.4



TCC 6.5

A modern perspective, DDL pages 46–50, 52–7

  • common law
  • the parliamentary process
  • constitutional law
  • the Mabo decision