Student Task Sheet: The Artwork of Albert Namatjira and Sally Morgan

As a group you will examine the work of these two artists and prepare an oral presentation for the rest of the class to share what you have found out. Your oral presentation will need to include examples of the artists' works to illustrate the points you make.

Albert Namatjira and Sally Morgan painted in two very distinct and different styles. Your task is to find out about how they painted and why they painted the way they did.

Here are some questions for your group to research and discuss. You may think of more …

Albert Namatjira painted in a western style. How did this come about? Considering the time of his painting, do you think he would have been as successful painting in a traditional Aboriginal style? How is colour a feature of Albert Namatjira's painting? What is the subject of the majority of his paintings?

The following websites will help you find out the answers to these and other questions you might have about Albert Namatjira's artwork.

Australians: Albert Namatjira (link no longer available)

Albert Namatjira: links to artworks

Albert Namatjira: artworks

Sally Morgan's art has been described as 'urban Aboriginal artist'. What does this mean? What are her paintings about? What colours are used in her paintings? Why do you think Sally Morgan used these colours? How do her paintings make you feel? What do these paintings reveal about the artist? What can you guess about her life? How do you think she felt when she created these artworks?

The following websites will help you find out the answers to these and other questions you might have about Sally Morgan's artwork.

Australians: Sally Morgan

Aboriginal Art Online: Urban Artists

Artist Biography: Sally Morgan

Aboriginal Artprints: Sally Morgan art

Each member of the group must be involved in both the preparation and presentation of the oral report, and the preparation of the information sheets for the other students.

A copy of the following will be included in your portfolio:

  • the information sheet provided to other students
  • an evaluation of your presentation
  • a group work self-evaluation.

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