Student Task Sheet: The Stolen Generations

The Stolen Generations issue has been in the news and on television a lot over the past few years. You are going to investigate this issue by reading the novel The Burnt Stick by Anthony Hill and by doing some research.

As a group you will present an oral report to the rest of the class about the history of the Stolen Generations and the effects that it has had on the people concerned. You will also prepare and provide an information sheet for the other members of the class.

Think about and discuss the following questions with your group. You may think of more …

  • Why were Aboriginal children taken from their families in the past? What was 'white Australia' trying to achieve?
  • Were all Aboriginal children taken or just some? Which ones?
  • Can you imagine how you would feel if you were taken from your family, not knowing when or if you would see them again?
  • What have been some of the long-term effects of these children being taken from their families?
  • Rabbit-Proof Fence is a recent movie that has highlighted the story of Molly and Daisy who were taken from their home in the 1930s. Do you think film is a good way to tell a story like this? Why?
  • Was this practice carried out in all States? How long did this practice continue?

The following websites will help you find out the answers to these and other questions you might have.

Bringing Them Home: Community Guide

Children's Experiences

Bringing Them Home: Community Guide

The Effects 


(great list of information on 'Where do I find…?')

Rabbit-Proof Fence (link no longer available)

Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs: Fact Sheets (link no longer available)

Each member of the group must be involved in both the preparation and presentation of the oral report, and the preparation of the information sheets for the other students.

A copy of the following will be included in your portfolio:

  • the information sheet provided to other students
  • an evaluation of your presentation
  • a group work self-evaluation.

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