Student Task Sheet: Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan's novel My Place tells the stories of three generations of her family, and of her search for her identity and for the history of her family.

Your task is to read the novel My Place and think about and discuss the following questions with your group. You may think of more …

  • What evidence is there in the stories of Sally's family that life has changed for Aboriginal people?
  • What effects did what happened to Sally's Nan have on her life? How did she feel about the government? How did she feel about doctors?
  • Why and how did Sally's mother and Nan have her believe that she was Indian?
  • Do you think that Sally's mother and Nan would feel bitter about what had happened to them? Why?
  • Do you think they would feel that they had any control over their lives in the first half of the century? Why?

The novel and the following websites will help you find out the answers to these and other questions you might have about Sally Morgan.

Australians: Sally Morgan

Aboriginal Art Online: Sally Morgan

Artist Biography: Sally Morgan


(great list of information on 'Where do I find…?')

Your oral report must include information about the lives of Arthur, Nan, Gladys, Sally's mother and Sally. It must also include examples and quotes from the book demonstrating how life has changed for Aboriginal people since the early 1900s. You should also include information about the effects on the feelings of these people.

Each member of the group must be involved in both the preparation and presentation of the oral report, and the preparation of the information sheets for the other students.

A copy of the following will be included in your portfolio:

  • the information sheet provided to other students
  • an evaluation of your presentation
  • a group work self-evaluation.

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