Student Task Sheet: The Life and Times of Albert Namatjira

You are going to become an expert on the life and times of Albert Namatjira. As a group you will present an oral report to the rest of the class. You will also prepare and provide an information sheet for the other members of the class.

Here are some starter questions. You might like to add some more …

  • When was Albert Namatjira born? When and how did he die?
  • Where did he live? Was this his tribal area?
  • What laws applied to Aboriginal people in Albert Namatjira's lifetime? For example, did they have the right to vote? Could they own land? Did they have the same rights as white people?
  • How did Albert Namatjira benefit from his paintings?
  • What were the consequences of his success as an artist?

The following websites will help you find out the answers to these and other questions you might have about Albert Namatjira.

National Archives of Australia: Fact Sheet

Bendigo Senior Secondary College

Albert Namatjira: biography with examples of his paintings (link no longer available)

Albert Namatjira: Aranda Artist from Hermannsburg (link no longer available)

Aussie Tourist Maps: Alice Springs

Albert Namatjira: Aboriginal Artist

Australians: Albert Namatjira (link no longer available)

Albert Namatjira: detailed biography

Each member of the group must be involved in both the preparation and presentation of the oral report, and the preparation of the information sheets for the other students.

A copy of the following will be included in your portfolio:

  • the information sheet provided to other students
  • an evaluation of your presentation
  • a group work self-evaluation.

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