Leaflet 1: Becoming an Australian Citizen

This is an information leaflet. It should be helpful to a person who wants to become a citizen or who is in favour of making a change in citizenship laws.

  • Who can become an Australian citizen?
  • What are the steps for becoming an Australian citizen if you are not born a citizen?
  • Is becoming an Australian citizen easier or harder than becoming a citizen in Japan and in the United States? Make a chart comparing the three countries.
  • What rights does citizenship guarantee for Australians?
  • Should any of the requirements for citizenship be changed?

Resources you can use


Discovering Democracy Primary and Secondary Units: these books contain units on citizenship and public life. There is also a CD-ROM and a video.

Internet sites

Background | 1. Becoming an Australian citizen | 2. Citizen of Australia or the World?3. Active citizens | 4. Our citizens