Expert Views

Australia Day Address 2003 by Rick Farley

Elections in the Classroom by Megan McCrone, Electoral Education Officer, AEC, Canberra

Every Voice Counts! Voices of the student forum participants

Finding the 'Common Good' in the Discovering Democracy Resources by Kurt Ambrose

Newspapers and Their Role in Teaching Civics in the Classroom by John Kilner

Parliament House Puzzle by Dr Elizabeth Kwan, Historian

Reconciliation by Jackie Huggins, Co-Chair, Reconciliation Australia

Solving Some Civics and Citizenship Education Conundrums by Suzanne Mellor, ACER

Teaching Historical Literacy: The National History Project by Dr Tony Taylor, Director, National Centre for History Education

Thirty-Three Curriculum Approaches: Enhancing Effective Student Participation by Roger Holdsworth

Values Education and Discovering Democracy Includes Donald Horne's views on core values that Australians might share