Topic 2 Investigation 1: To climb or not to climb

To familiarise yourself with the issues related to controlling climbing of the rock, consider the following media articles that demonstrate the persistence of the issue over the last two decades. The following activity will help you to understand the issues and to decide from which perspective to research the topic.


Fishbowl activity

This investigation will require you to work with others, preferably in five groups.

Each group should read one of the following articles, and share their findings and understandings of the articles with each other. Follow the steps to successfully complete this activity.

Media articles

Step 1: Divide into five groups and ensure that each group reads a different article from the selection above.

Step 2: Individuals in each group should use the table below to record the different point of views of the people mentioned in the article.



Tourism Industry

NT Government

Commonwealth Government


Step 3: When all groups have read their selected article they are ready to share their research. This can be done by using a fishbowl exercise, with one group forming an ‘inner circle’ where they discuss their findings with each other, while another forms an ‘outer circle’, with their backs towards the inner circle, and listens and records the discussions of the first group. The rule is that those in the outer circle can only listen, and cannot contribute to the discussion in the inner circle.

Step 4: When the inner circle discussions have ended, the groups swap, so that the inner circle becomes the outer, and vice versa. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all groups have heard from one another. Remember to record the discussions in the table under the appropriate column headings.


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