Lesson 2: The Freedom Rides

Lesson title: The Freedom Rides (2 lessons)
Unit topic: Aboriginal Protest Movements 1940s–1972
Area of study: Citizenship and Aboriginal Australians
Inquiry question: 

What did Aboriginal people achieve as a result of the protest movements from the 1940s to 1972?

Lesson 2 (Word document)

Lesson 2: Student response (htm page)

Outcomes targeted

M5.16 locates, selects and organises historical information from a number of different sources, utilising a variety of technological processes to address complex historical problems and issues, with some independence
M5.19 creates well-structured texts using evidence to describe, recount, explain, argue, challenge and discuss increasingly complex problems and issues


Discovering Democracy Stories of Democracy CD-ROM (Upper Primary 'People Power'; Lower Secondary 'Charles Perkins')

Video – The Freedom Rides

Worksheet – newspaper article


  1. Introduction:
    1. Introduction
      Teacher outlines activities for the lesson, describing the links with previous lessons of the Freedom Rides unit.
    2. Video discussion
      Discussion about the previous lesson's viewing of The Freedom Rides.
  2. Body:
    1. Computer activity
      Students use Discovering Democracy Stories of Democracy CD-ROM to compile 15 facts about the Freedom Rides in New South Wales.
    2. Writing task
      Students use the newspaper worksheet to write a front page newspaper article about the Freedom Rides. Students must use at least ten of the facts that they compiled as well as any information from the CD-ROM and video. It must be set at the time of the Freedom Rides.
  3. Conclusion:

    Whole class discussion of Freedom Rides theme. This is related back to the world context and the individual case in Australia. This will place the lesson in the context of previous lessons.  

  4. Extension/homework:

    Students are to research preliminary information about a political movement that began in another country and moved to Australia. How was it modified to suit the Australian situation?