Change for the Good of All – Activity Two

Research activity

Focus question: What are the causes of climate change, and what can be done to slow the rate of climate change?

  1. Ask students to read one news article and to visit a website listed under the category ‘Climate Change General’ in the ‘Resources’ section, and to explain, using a Cause and Consequence Chart, the causes of climate change.
  2. Using a Plus, Minus and Interesting Chart, ask students, in the light of what they have read, to make a list of all the ways they think they positively and negatively impact on the environment. Once students have completed their lists, have them compare their list with a colleague’s.
  3. Once students’ individual lists have been compiled introduce them to the ‘Ecological Footprint’ website and encourage them to calculate their impact on the environment. Once students have established the size of their footprint, ask them to check their list and to highlight both the areas for improvement and their achievements.
  4. Ask students to do one of the following to consolidate their research:
  • Write a 200–300 word piece on what individuals and communities can do to slow the rate of environmental change.
  • Use a Flow Chart, with images, to show how communities can lessen their impact on the environment.

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