Women in government Activity 3

  1. Invite a female member of your local council, state or federal parliament to speak to your class. Explain to her that you are interested in hearing about her life in public service – the challenges and sacrifices, as well as the benefits.

    Prepare for your guest speaker by recording key questions you would like answered. Possible questions could include the following.

    • Why did you decide to represent your local community?
    • What did you do before entering public service?
    • What has been your greatest achievement? What was/is your greatest challenge?
    • What unique perspective do you bring to your role?
    • In your area of participation, are women equally represented?
    • In your opinion, what can be done to encourage more women to enter public life?

    Remember to thank your guest for her time. You might like to provide her with a small thank-you gift on the day and follow this up with a letter or email of appreciation later outlining the things that you learnt from her talk.


Consider the things you have learnt about women in political life throughout these lessons. In your opinion, will the Hon Julia Gillard’s appointment as Deputy Prime Minister (and Acting Prime Minister) be seen as a political milestone in years to come?

Record your reflections on this issue as an entry in your learning journal. Remember to back up your opinion with evidence.

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