Women in government Activity 1

  1. On 24 June 2010, Hon Julia Gillard, MP made political history as Australia’s first woman Prime Minister. Previously, on 3 December 2007, she made history as Australia’s first woman Deputy Prime Minister and soon after as the first woman to take on the role of Acting Prime Minister.

    Ms Gillard now joins a list of notable women who have achieved ‘firsts’ in their political careers, including:

    • Ms Vida Goldstein
    • Hon Dame Enid Lyons DBE
    • Ms Dorothy Tangney
    • Dame Margaret Guilfoyle DBE
    • Ms Janine Haines
    • Ms Pauline Hanson
    • Hon Rosemary Follett AO
    • Hon Dr Carmen Lawrence
    • Hon Joan Kirner AM
    • Hon Anna Bligh
    • Cr Lilian Fowler

    Break into 12 expert groups. Use the internet to research these women’s:

    • lives before entering politics
    • contribution to public life
    • lives after leaving politics (where applicable).
  2. Record your research as dot points on A3 paper (fact sheet). Remember to write a heading and to print out a photograph and paste it onto your fact sheet. Prepare a short quiz based on your notable woman consisting of five questions and answers. You may like to ask multiple choice and 'true or false' questions.
  3. Present your fact sheet to your classmates. Test your classmate’s listening skills by asking them to answer your five questions. You might like to keep score or simply play for fun.

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