Australian aid: Who gets what?

Mapping exercise and evaluation 

While Australia's overseas aid programme is global in scope, a large proportion of its aid goes to countries in its region, the Asia-Pacific. Consult the table: Australia's aid distribution and complete the mapping exercise and evaluation below.


Locate each of the countries in the table on a map and then complete the activities.

  1. Where are these countries located in relation to Australia? (Use geographical terms to accurately describe where the countries are.)  
  2. Create a pie chart (using Excel) to graph the different proportions of aid given to the countries/regions in the table. Remember to show the proportions as fractions of the total aid figure of $2.946 billion.  
  3. Compare your pie chart to your map. Describe the distribution of Australia’s aid in the different regions of the world. Using the AusAid website, what reasons can you find to explain the distribution?
  4. Complete the table: Australia's aid recipients and use it to obtain a profile of recipient countries, taking care to note the literacy rates, life expectancy and level of poverty in these countries.  
  5. Extended response: After visiting the AusAid website and developing your own profile of Australia's aid recipients, can you think of arguments for a different allocation of aid? Adjust your map and pie chart to demonstrate your preferred allocation of Australian aid. Now write a short (one paragraph) justification for your distribution.

Australian aid: Case study


1. Choose a country from the list of Australian aid recipients. 

  • Papua New Guinea
  • Solomon Islands
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • China  

2. Use the following websites and any others you can find to research ONE of the countries.   

3. Write an essay which argues the case in favour of Australia providing aid to the country you have chosen.

  • You should provide at least four pieces of evidence to support your argument.
  • Your essay should also consider the arguments against providing aid to this country.
  • You should also consider the aims of Australia’s overseas aid programme and show how these aims would be met.

Length: 200–300 words

Hint: First construct a mind map and then an affinity diagram to help you to organise your thoughts/evidence.


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