Australia and overseas aid: A question of giving

Why does Australia give aid?

The Australian Government’s aid programme is based on the understanding that:

"by helping to build stronger communities and more stable governments we improve our own economic and security interests."

Australian Government, AusAid

Australia gives aid as a humanitarian response to help those in the region suffering extreme poverty.  

Australian aid focuses on strengthening governance and the delivery of basic services to all citizens in order to improve regional security.  

It also promotes economic growth in developing countries, which helps foster economic and political stability and expands trade and investment opportunities for Australia.

Partnerships development between Australia and aid recipient countries in the region helps to improve friendships and solidarity.

Quick reference: Australia's Aid Program


Read the information contained under An Effective Aid Program for Australia on the Australian Government AusAID website, and complete the following tasks.  

  1. List in your own words the reasons why Australia gives aid to other countries.
  2. Rank these reasons in the order of importance you believe they should have. A diamond ranking chart might prove useful for this excercise. 
  3. Write a couple of paragraphs explaining your reasons.

Should Australia give aid?  

A recent poll found that:  

  • 64% of Australians surveyed agreed that Australia is a rich nation and should help poor nations.
  • 32% of Australians surveyed agreed that Australia had enough problems of its own without worrying about nations that are poor.
  • 4% of Australians surveyed had no opinion on Australia's stance on aid.


Discuss the findings of the poll and write a response agreeing with the first or second finding. Give three clear reasons to support your answer. 


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