Democracy Rules: an electoral education resource

AEC Cover

Democracy Rules: an electoral education resource (Teacher’s Guide and CD-ROM) was produced by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for primary and secondary classrooms and distributed to all Australian schools in 2007.

Using the inquiry approach, Democracy Rules sets out investigations into Australia’s voting and electoral systems for upper primary to upper secondary students. The investigations invite teachers and students to explore:

  • democratic decision making
  • representation
  • methods of voting
  • electoral redistributions
  • referenda
  • the history of voting in bringing about important political and social change.

The CD-ROM of animations and interactives will acquaint students with the different voting systems used for the Commonwealth Parliament, the history of the franchise in Australia, and the process of hosting elections. A preferential voting tool allows classrooms to hold their own elections.

Teacher’s Toolbox contains fact sheets for quick teacher reference. Blackline masters, a glossary and background briefings in the Teacher Guide provide ready assistance for teachers.

Democracy Rules: an electoral education resource is available in its entirety (the contents of the Teacher's Guide and CD-ROM) on the AEC website.